Friday, April 1, 2011

Academy of Natural Science | LIVE Review by Goober Monkey

Good morning everyone!  It’s a chilly day here in beautiful Philly, but that’s not stopping the BLOG With Love tour! :)

I arrived in Allentown right about 5 p.m. last night and drove into Philly.  I’ll be honest, it was strange seeing the hilly land and the rocks covered in ice on the side of the road.  Where I’m from, it’s plain flat land with palm trees everywhere!

I am currently sitting in the cafe at The Academy of Natural Sciences.  I have to tell you, this place is HUGE. Floor after floor of amazing exhibits, live animals, parts of history and butterflies.

Founded in 1812, the Academy is America’s oldest natural history museum.  Its pretty impressive here.  I didn’t really realize just how much material was inside of the museum, and it seemed like never ending rooms laying out before me.

I started out in the dinosaur room, and snapped a tons of pics (especially because I know my son loves dinosaurs so much!).  I ended up following behind one of the school tours here today, so I would listen in on the Academy’s speakers to get a little bit of information.  These were two of my favorite dinosaurs:

There is also a pretty interesting area right off of the dinosaur exhibits where they are uncovering fossils!  I watched some workers cleaning off what looked like pieces of bones.  Unfortunately, photos are not allowed to be taken in this area, but you are more than welcome to talk to the workers while they are cleaning!

I walked through a hall covered with these neat leaves in frames.

But then I found the exhibit I was most excited to see!

This exhibit is right up my alley.  It featured so many amazing strange creatures.  Some were extinct, some still around today.   As my son would say, “BIG BIG FISH!”

This bird was taller than I am!

The Bristle Tail dinosaur had a gigantic head.  Wouldn’t want to meet that guy in a dark alley, right?

I headed over to the butterfly room shortly after that.  It was absolutely gorgeous.  I was surprised to learn that butterflies are not as abundant here in Philly as they are in Orlando (which would explain why some of the school kids in the room would scream in terror when a butterfly would fly by them).

I have so many more details and pictures to share, but it’s time for me to wrap it up and head to the train station to meet Kelly!  Follow along with us on Twitter with any of these names or topics:

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A special thank you to Carolyn for tickets to The Academy of Natural Sciences!


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